Curriculum Options

We offer choices!

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Full Time Students Kindergarten through Graduation

  • Full standardized virtual curriculum in your own environment.
  • Self-paced, with guidance and supervision to ensure work is done correctly and students stay on track.
  • Students must participate in all state required testing.
  • Graduate with an Oxford Community Schools Diploma.

Homeschool Students Grades 1-12 (electives only)

  • Virtual Courses
  • Many elective options outside of the core areas.
  • AP courses in core subjects available – only for prepared students.
  • Opportunities with Homeschool Partners and Community Organizations
  • Grades 1-12, five funded, blended-learning , project-based elective classes
  • Tuition Options Available for Core Curriculum
  • Electives at traditional seated schools

If you are taking classes with a partnership group via any public school districts outside of Oxford, you are limited to taking only 2 classes with the Oxford Virtual Academy.

If you enroll simultaneously with another public school district, you will be financially responsible for any classes over the 2 class limit. 

Early College Opportunity (OSEC)

  • 5 Year High School
  • Partner: Rochester College
  • Agreement: Macomb Community College