Frequently Asked Questions

We have a very diverse population of students who have a variety of unique situations and/or schedules.  If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please contact Laura Farwell (laura.farwell@oxfordschools.org).

  1. Where is a list of virtual class offerings? (Including vendor for each class.) The list is on the website. Links and passwords to view demo sites are given to parents upon enrollment and to inquiring families.
  2. How do families choose their classes?  Parents are to indicate full or part time at enrollment, lists of available classes and samples are supplied. If possible, all full-time/dual/OTSC students meet with Counselor at enrollment. Otherwise, an appointment for in-person or phone conference is scheduled. Part-time students may choose own courses based on guidelines set by OVA. Transcripts are very helpful initially and then required.
  3. How do families sign up for classes?  Please use our Online registration site-Gateway. You are encouraged to register for both semesters at the start of the year with the ability to make changes to the second semester as it approaches. Dual enrollment classes will not be funded without college registration submitted before start of semester.
  4. When should families sign up for second semester classes in order to be sure to have access by the beginning of the semester?  Current students will be notified of registration deadlines for each semester. New families- Upon completion of enrollment
  5. Can they get access to classes earlier if they would like? Students are guaranteed access to classes as of the start date of the semester. Some programs may be accessible earlier.
  6. What happens if the child does not like a class? Online classes can ONLY be changed within 5 days of the start of the semester.  We suggest that you begin working right away in your courses to get a feel for them. Requests for adds or drops will not be granted after the 5 day window. All virtual classes have a 1 semester commitment. Partnership classes with a lab component may be subject to penalties from the group for courses changes.
  7. Is there an add/drop period?  The add/drop period is 5 days after the start date of the semester.
  8. How are typical online courses structured? Each vendor is different. Virtual programs are designed for different learning styles.  We have Demo classes available to allow families to browse sample course content.  Please email laura.farwell@oxfordschools.org or your mentor teacher for Demo account information
  9. How much time per day do online classes require?  It is recommended that for EACH online course you take you should plan to spend about 1 hour each day, 5 days per week. This is an average, and it is the same with core and elective courses. Some elementary courses amy require less online time.
  10. What are the reasons that kids like certain vendors?  (Which vendors seem to be a good fit for which kids?)  All students have different learning styles and multiple intelligences so students should explore Demos with their parents to determine the best fit.
  11. Are there any unique or particularly great classes that families have liked? Each student and family has different needs and likes for their education. We can help families meet their educational needs for each of their individual students.
  12. Will families that are currently not OVA have the chance to register for next semester?  If so, when?Open enrollment is published on our website. Winter enrollment is early January for a 2-week window and limited grades. Fall open enrollment for all grades begins in March…also on the OVA website. Once the paperwork has been fully processed and enrollment appointment is complete, an email will be sent to notify parents when and how to register for classes. will be able to register for courses.
  13. Do any of the classes come with books or other off-line materials? All K-5 grade classes have hands on activities/books, Some 6-12 have additional materials.
  14. Can final exams be taken at home? Students in grades 9-12 MUST take all of their final exams at one of our labs. Middle School students can take their finals at home, Elementary courses do not have final exams.
  15. What is a Mentor Teacher and what is the weekly contact all about? Mentors are your “go to” people. They serve as counselor and coach to help students navigate their online classes, solve problems, offer encouragement, and check progress. Two-way weekly communication between student and mentor is required by the state.
  16. What is a Content Teacher?  Content Teachers are those highly qualified teachers who support the student in each class. They are the teacher of the online course. They deal with content related questions. Students will hear from content teachers weekly but are NOT required to reply. They are available to answer questions during their weekly office hours. They email those students every week to remind them of their services and desire to help each student succeed.
  17. What other requirements are there? Students are required to communicate every week with their mentor teacher and are strongly recommended to communicate with their content teacher for current classes. Students must continue to progress in their classes. Full-time students are required to take the state standardized test for the applicable grade level. Dual enrollment students must successfully complete their college and high school classes to receive funding and remain eligible.
  18. If kids are full time, can they take the M-Step at an off-site OVA Lab?  How many days of M-Step testing are there per grade level?M-Step testing details are emailed to all parents with all schedules well ahead of the testing dates. Students will be notified of all testing dates an location offerings.  
  19. How is grading handled for online courses?  Content Teachers report the grades to the MENTOR. The Mentor teacher has the final say on the grades. They may give opportunity for revision or extra credit/additional activities and do work with each student and family. Weighting varies by vendor.
  20. Can our family take a vacation mid-semester?  What about the 4 hour per week minimum? Yes, families may take a vacation; just communicate that with the MENTOR.  The 4 hours is a guide and a targeted average. Mentor teachers must be notified to adjust the individual pacing calculator for each student.
  21. How does block scheduling work as compared to working on all classes at once? Arranged with Mentor teacher and /or counselor, the semester is broken up into sections. Courses are divided into 4-8 week blocks, upon completion then the next “block” is activated.