Success Stories

Oxford Virtual Academy has many students, all with very unique situations and experiences.  We have full-time virtual students; part-time virtual students; full-time home school students taking Partnership classes; and students with blended schedules (virtual classes and seated classes in another Oxford School).  Within this diverse population, we hear a wide variety of stories from families expressing their appreciation for this wonderful program.  Here’s what people are saying:

"My favorite thing about learning on a computer is that I pick up where I left off in the lesson and I can do my class anywhere,not just at school. When I began my first online class, I found it difficult initially because I had never been taught by an online teacher before. The difficulty in this was that I couldn’t directly communicate with my teacher in person, but as the year went on, I adapted to the new style of learning. This second semester has been a joy for me to learn math that I truly enjoy and to be able to use this material in the future."
(Middle School student)

"I would like to send Thanks & Praise to everyone at the Oxford Virtual Academy! We enrolled our son into the program 2 1/2 years ago and we could not be happier with the level of education he is receiving.  Our son has Asperger’s syndrome and was having great difficulty in the traditional school setting. We met with several members of the OVA team and we quickly realized this would be a great opportunity for our son.The classes are so thorough and easy to navigate. The extra links provided within each lesson plan are wonderful for reinforcement of the material. His on-line teachers, mentor teacher and OVA support staff have been wonderful to work with. Our son has improved in so many ways over the past couple of years and we feel that OVA had a lot to do with this! The fear of taking on the responsibility of schooling our own son quickly dissolved once we became familiar with how his program was setup and saw how many OVA staff were available to assist. We would highly and sincerely recommend Oxford Virtual Academy!"
(Mom of 7th grade Virtual Student)

"We are loving this program & the boys are the first ones to say in the morning, “Ok, let’s get some school work done”! They just did their first reading assessment and had fun with it. I went to public school and I never said a test was fun. I can’t say enough good things about why I love this program, but the best part is the simple pleasure of learning along side my children!"
(Mom of Elementary Virtual Students)

"Thanks for all the emails for my daughter.  She really thought it was cool to write to you.  She never really knew what to say but it would make her think.  We will do this again next year if she is still home schooled. We enjoyed the classes and meeting everyone.  Everyone was so nice and supportive.  I thought it was great and worked out good for us. Thanks again for everything."
(Mom of 1st grade Partnership student)

"Thank you for all your help.  I felt my son did very well with all his disabilities.  I had no experience with an online class.  I felt it was very organized and easy for him to follow.  He learned a lot.  Have a good summer."
(Mom of a first-time virtual student)

"My son truly enjoyed his sports classes.  We would not have been able to offer them to him otherwise.  I appreciate all your hard work (at the lab) with my daughter as well."
(Mom of 4th grade Partnership student, and 9th grade Virtual student)

"Thank you for being my mentor teacher this year.  You always found positive things to say to me and I always liked when you said at the end of your emails “Keep Smiling”.  I really liked my gym classes this year–both the tumbling class in the fall and dodgeball in the winter. Have a nice summer and thanks again."
(6th grade Partnership student)

"Thanks for being my mentor teacher and for taking the time to read all our emails and reply to them.  You always seemed happy in your emails and I like that!  I liked my gym classes this year."
(7th grade Partnership student)

If you’ve been part of OVA and you have something to share with us, please send an email to Lyndsey Hurford with “Testimonial” in the subject line.  We’re in the process of gathering interesting, surprising, encouraging, and even amusing testimonials from students and parents who would like to share their experiences.

Be sure to check back regularly for more additions!